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How to join a class

You have 2 ways to join a class:

  • Join a class with a class code—If your teacher gives you a class code, use this code to add yourself to the class. Your teacher might give you the code while you’re in class or email it to you.
  • Accept an invitation from your teacher—If your teacher sends you an invitation, you’ll see Join on the class card on your Classroom homepage.

Sign in for the first time

  1. Go to and click Go to Classroom.

    Click Go to Classroom

  2. Enter your username and click Next.

    Click Next

  3. Enter your password and click Next.

    Click Next

  4. If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.

    Click Accept

  5. If you're using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher.
    Note: Users with personal Google Accounts won’t see this option.

    Pick your role

Join a class with a class code

  2. At the top, click Add Add and then Join class.

    Click Join class

  3. Enter the class code your teacher gave you and click Join.
    A class code consists of 6 or 7 letters or numbers. For example, hjhmgrk or g5gdp1.

    Enter class code

Accept an invitation from your teacher

  2. On the class card, click Join.

    Click Join



Fifth Grade Google Classrooms

Classroom Links                                          

                   Google Classroom Links

                    Classroom Invite Code

Class 501 - Ms. Singh 6mpf6nu
Class 502 - Ms. Matzerath q6zato4

Class 503 - Ms. Batista-O'Toole

Class 504 - Ms. Blackman axkufww
Class 505 - Ms. Pierce r2xnmgw

Class 507 - Ms Tanami

Class 506 - Ms. McPherson 7m4fxwu
Class 531 - Ms. Coppola/Ms. Nazario 6k43xui


Fourth Grade Google Classrooms

                                Google Classroom Links                           Classroom Invite Code
Class 401 - Ms. Pope vtxkth5
Class 402 - Ms. Gombar wjnvpvw
Class 403 - Ms. Persuad oat46sa
Class 404 - Ms. Johnson s2pb7da
Class 405 - Ms. Dessources mnrc6uk
Class 406 - Ms. Scott gmopljp
Class 407 - Ms.Islam xapomwx
Class 431 - Ms. Cooper/Mr. Cohen rpkdcbn
Class 441 - Ms. Godoy gew2y4a

Third Grade Google Classroom

                    Google Classroom Links

                    Classroom Invite Codes

Class 301 - Ms. Nwagau  v6yiauf
Class 302 - Ms. Golub qtstned
Class 303 - Ms. Smalls ypfzvbd
Class 304 - Ms. Fleming mkdw22j
Class 305 - Ms. Williams tyszapf
Class 306 - Ms. Jamna k3cdyft
Class 307 - Ms. Lamarque 25m5qpx
Class 331 - Ms. Campbell/Mr. Turken bjy5iz5

Second Grade Google Classroom

                   Google Classroom Links

                   Classroom Invite Code

Class 201 - Ms. Parris 7xjzipk
Class 202 - Mr. Quinones abb75xe
Class 203 - Mr. Mills 5veka7f
Class 204 - Mr. Regina plt6sae
Class 205 - Ms. Fernandez-Holt ggiejkn
Class 206 - Ms. Torres wydnyap
Class 231 - Ms. V Rodriguez z2bzhyv
Class232 - Ms. Fahl/Mr. Harris fyvr2ul

First Grade Google Classrooms

                  Google Classroom Links

                    Classroom Invite Code

Class 101 - Ms. Roldan pknuhhw
Class 102 - Ms. Lemon 7bzz6ix
Class 103 - Ms. Misir 2ufhbtj
Class 104 - Ms. Misztal nioe227
Class 105 - Ms. Murphy yjoepeq
Class 106 - Ms. Shakur jlqdjlg
Class 107 - Ms. Otero ygknj7d
Class 131 - Ms Strassburg/Mr. Wong itbovoj
Class 132 - Ms. Jemmott dazz6tp

Kindergarten Google Classrooms

                   Google Classroom Links

                  Classroom Invite Code

Class K01 - Ms. Goulbourne tojgiab
Class K02 - Ms. Eleftheriou bgj25m5
Class K03 - Ms. James twnoisa
Class K04 - Ms. Ochi/Ms. Bullock mzj4zvi
Class K05 - Ms. Clarke u2pmpei
Class K06 - Ms. Tapia w4fhrt5
Class K07 - Ms. Chavez xs3yomg
Class K08 - Ms. Timiani pelp7zu
Class K09 - Ms. De La Gala qs5vmaf
Class K10 - Ms. Perez-Ortiz dkdk5xm

ENL & MLL Google Classroom Link

                    Google Classroom Link

                  Classroom Invite Code

ENL Kindergarten - Mr. Unter fblf7td
ENL First Grade - Ms. Montalvo zq25lgu
ENL Fourth Grade - Ms. Sheldon xvylrxd
ENL Fifth Grade - Mr. Tripulas z2cvtps

PS 95 Family Services Google Classrooms

                   Google Classroom Links

             Classroom Invite Codes

BOOST Program - Ms. Fennel brmm4ra
Parent Coordinator - Ms. Shafi 15s6mcv